We can’t live without them and we can’t get what we need from them!

We use them to sharpen our sense experience rather than filter it.

Favourites include:

Body (Yoga, etc)

The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga: The Authoritative Presentation-Based on 30 Years of Direct Study Under the Legendary Yoga Teacher KrishnamachaHealth, Mind & Body References)

Yoga: Discipline of Freedom: The Yoga Sutra Attributed to Patanjali

The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali: A New Translation with Commentary (Shambhala Classics)Yoga Books)

Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and PractitionersYoga Books)

The Pilates Body: The Ultimate At-Home Guide to Strengthening, Lengthening, and Toning Your Body–Without MachinesPilates Exercise & Fitness Books)

Trail Guide to the Body: How to Locate Muscles, Bones & More!Science Books)


Mind (Zen, meditation and more)

Moon by the Window: The Calligraphy and Zen Insights of Shodo Harada

How to do Zazen by Shodo Harada Roshi

Path to Bodhidharma (Tuttle Library of Enlightenment)

Master Yunmen: From the Record of the Chan Master “Gate of the Clouds”

The Blue Cliff Record

Gateless Barrier: Zen Comments on the Mumonkan

The Record of Linji (Nanzan Library of Asian Religion and Culture)