Supine Flow Hip 1

Working on the back, you’ll need a belt and use a mat or blanket to lay on as you wish.
Step feet up near hips, even weight through soles of feet, sink navel into spine.
Starting with either leg:

  1. Circle the ankle freely in both directions ankle circles
  2. Hands behind knee, around the thigh.
    Curl up to the leg on the exhale, lifting head and shoulders, tuck chin.
    Return weight of head to mat on inhale.
    Repeat two or three times. Don’t tire the neck curl up to leg
    • Take the belt around a foot, pressing the foot into the belt.
    • Arms long with shoulders relaxed toward ground.
    • Add weight evenly through foot on ground.
    • Work with a slight tuck of the tail bone and draw the low belly inward on exhalations
  3. Extend leg, sink low belly into back, curl up tailbone leg long
  4. Exhaling curl up to straight legcurl up to straight leg
  5. Bend knee along side body, sole of foot toward ceiling
    Balance weight in shoulder blade area draw knee down along side the ribs
  6. Circle the ankle freely in both directions curl up to straight leg
  7. Curl up toward leg on exhale; one or more times.
    Press foot into floor.
    Curl up tailbone.
    Drawn in low belly. curl up to straight leg
  8. Open the leg outward in the inhale, bring back vertical on exhale open leg outward on inhale
  9. Continue exhale and take leg across body take leg to other side
  10. On exhale, curl up to straight leg; one or more times curl up to straight leg
  11. Remove belt from foot, stretch out leg along ground keeping other leg bent.
    Bring arms close to sides, hands pressed into ground, shoulders moving down. On inhale lift hips keeping heel of straight leg on ground, pressing on foot of bent leg.
    Hips down on exhale, repeat as comfortable. lift hips

Straighten both legs, feet wider than hips. Allow weight to release onto mat.
When ready, moving on an exhale bring knees into chest with hands on knees, optionally curling up to knees.
Place foot on ground and repeat sequence on opposite side.