Yoga teaches yoga

A longstanding delusion that arises by being caught in words is that Yoga can be learned via words. While we engage with words and words are exchanged in practice, they are not the Way. Words are like a stone we use to bang on a gate, when the gatekeeper comes and the gate opens we drop the stone and move forward.

Yoga teaches yoga, not words, not teachers at the front of the room, not DVDs or any other external thing. Yoga is inner work, a direct inner experience of this moment. Put aside thinking, judging, remembering, comparing – instead immediately experience the asana.

When we experience our practice directly then we know without mental baggage whether to stop, start, do more effort, less effort – we can come naturally into balance.

Yoga is for transformation. Transform yourself by experiencing yourself directly this moment. Drop the barrier of judgement, see directly as the mirror reflects without hesitation or consideration. Transform the base and liberate yourself.